A Journey Through Southern Africa

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The fundamental principle behind our travel program is uhambo, a journey through South Africa. The Uhambo program starts in Cape Town, which is a very gentle African point-of-entry and a smooth transition to South African culture. We'll spend the first week doing urban shoots with an emphasis on capturing the social contrasts of the city. Cape Town is filled with reminders of South Africa's Apartheid past that will make for great illustrative and metaphorical images. After a week in Cape Town, students acclimatize to their new and exciting environment! A portfolio begins to evolve.

After exploring the intricacies of Cape Town, the program will then make its way along the east coast of South Africa to much more rural settings, including villages in the Transkei and Ciskei. At each site location, our photographers will be given an assignment similar to those from a photography course (a general theme and emphasis on capturing photos on the macro, medium and micro levels). After each shoot, the students will return to the accommodation location, upload photos to computers and begin the editing process. Subject mediums range, from wildlife shoots in Kruger National Park to rural market shoots in the Eastern Cape. Again, our photographers are exposed to a wide array of unique photographic environments.

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During the final days of the program, students will edit and print their best photos to be displayed in a local gallery presentation where they will have the opportunity to present their work to the community, and share what they have experienced while with the academy.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more information about this program.

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