Learn the basics of this incredibly powerful technique

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HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography is the process of combining multiple exposures into one image. This technique allows for an incredible expression of dynamic range (the difference between the lights and darks in an image) that exceeds what a normal exposure can give you.

Many photographers use HDR for real estate, product, landscape, and "surrealistic" photography. Most viewers are amazed by the level of detail, color, and brightness in an HDR image...especially when done right.

This APA "workshop" level course is 4 hours long and can be scheduled on demand, or added to an existing course as an extra module. 

Experienced HDR photographer Johnny Miller will give you the tools necessary to take stunning HDR images for pleasure and for business. Course topics will include:

What is HDR? / Camera Choice / Bracketing Exposures / Proper Subject Choice / Software / Processing

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